Burton Snowboards

Snowboarding is currently one of the fastest growing sports in the world attracting attention that is in turn helping the ski industry to grow. Many young people already with an interest in surfing and skateboarding appear to be turning to snowboarding and therefore resilient and high quality equipment has become a necessity.

Of all the brands producing snowboards, Burton is at the forefront offering a wide range of snowboards and snowboarding equipment. They are the leading manufacturer of snowboards along with boots, outerwear, goggles and other protection equipment.

It is impossible to imagine that the brand was established in 1977 by twenty-two year old Jake Burton, who began building makeshift snowboard prototypes in his barn. He then tested these boards in the hills of southern Vermont.

Eventually settling on a narrow board with single strap bindings with a rope and handle attached to the nose he produced his first snowboard the Burton Backhill closely followed by the Burton Backyard. These boards would go on to set the tone for multiple models Burton produced all his snowboards by hand and until 1980 business was slow. In that year his sales of boards went up by an average of 133%.

The brand never looked back going on to sponsor the world’s best snowboarders including Craig Kelly, Jeff Brushie and Kelly Clark. In 1984 Burton developed their first snowboarding outwear line continuing on to found Gravis Footwear in 1998. T

here are thousands of shops that stock Burton brand snowboarding accessories as well as snowboards themselves such as S2AS, providing boarders with the best quality equipment at affordable prices.

Perhaps one of the reasons that Burton Snowboards has become such a success is the fact that the leaders are experts in snowboarding and design and manufacture the equipment in accordance with their own experiences and needs.

The S2AS range of North Kites
North Kites launched way back in 2001 and quickly rose to become one of the top three suppliers on the market; this was thanks to their innovative design and very quality products. S2AS have a great collection of some of the brands best products, take a look for yourself.
Now available in the choice of either green, purple and blue is the North Dyno Lightwind Kitesurfing Kite 2012. The price you pay for the kite depends on the size your require, the current prices are as below:
  • 10 m - £1,159.00
  • 13 m - £1,269.00
  • 15 m - £1,359.00
  • 17 m - £1,449.00
This amazing kite has numerous great features; sure to keep you entertained for hours on end you won't be disappointed. Features include the ultra light wind design, which ensures the kite feels like a small kite yet is still powerful, also the kite is very versatile and will fly on either four or five lines, and for an additional £325.00 you can purchase either the 2012 North Trust 5th Element Bar or the 2012 North Trust Bar Quad Control.
Another fantastic choice would be the North Vegas Kitesurfing Kite 2012, again this kite is available in purple, blue and green and the prices depend on your chosen size:
  • 5 mtr - £758.00
  • 6 mtr - £798.00
  • 7 mtr - £848.00
  • 8 mtr - £888.00
  • 9 mtr - £928.00
  • 10 mtr - £968.00
  • 12 mtr - £1,048.00
  • 14 mtr - £1,148.00
This special competition kite is perfect for newschoolers, and the great features lie in the versatility of the C shape kite, a simple adjustment on the kite's wingtip offers 3 great varied settings. Get yours online today from S2AS.

Don't forget here at S2AS we have a great range of North Kites and other North products, view them here today!

S2AS have a snowboard sale - Now on
Now on at S2AS is a fantastic snowboard sale, providing all you keen boarders with some amazing savings of up to 80% on certain brands.

Here are a few of our favourites, what do you think?

Was £385.00 now only £329.00 is the K2 2012 Eco Pop Snowboard, with a great saving of £56.00 the snowboard is available in a choice of two sizes, 145cm and 148cm. Perfect for the female boarder this board is light, fast and provides essential turn ability ensuring maximum fun on the mountains.

Another fantastic board in the S2AS sale is the Forum the Deck Snowboard 2012. This snowboard is in the sale for £179.00 - saving you a massive £160.00. Ideal for intermediate and advanced borders, because of its combo platter which combines the pop and power of camber while not forgetting the rocker! 

You can now save £66.00 on the Lib Tech Skate Banana Snowboard 2012, originally was £445.00 now only £379.00! This board comes in a choice of three sizes:
  • 154cm
  • 156cm
  • 159cm
The Yellow Green Lib Tech Skate Banana is one of the very last in the UK, and excells in all conditions, perfect for all terrains and will always maintain maximum control in critical conditions!

To see all the snowboards in the S2AS sale click here.

Kitesurfing with S2AS
Do you want to experience a new extreme sport this summer, here at S2AS we strongly suggest kitesurfing. Kitesurfing is a water sport that is often described as a combination of wake boarding, wind surfing, paragliding and gymnastics. To participate in kitesurfing a kitesurfer requires the following equipment, a board with or without foot-straps or bindings and a large controllable kite, which will aid the rider and board across the water.

S2AS have an extensive range of Kitesurfing goodies and packages available, also if you require any additional information, feel free to give us a call.

The Cabrinha Vector 2012and Xenon Rayo Board 2011 Kitesurfing package is one you definitely do not want to miss out on with only limited availability this package is only £1,039.99, which includes a board in the choice of three sizes, 130cm, 134cm or 138cm, the standard kite with this package is 9m however you can upgrade to a 12m kite for only £150.00; again it's also possible to add a Warrior III harness to this fantastic package for another £145.00. Perfect for all ocean conditions the Cabrinha Vector Kite features stability, direct line Bridling and the full woof core laminated with Biax fiber glass Xenon Rayo board is perfect for most water and wind conditions, find out more information here and buy yours online today.

New for 2012 is the Nobile N62 V3 Kitesurfing Kite, this next generation kite is perfect for both beginners and intermediate riders and the price depends on the size of kite you're looking for:
  • 5mtr - £599.00
  • 7mtr - £699.00
  • 9mtr - £799.00
  • 11mtr - £899.00
  • 13mtr - £1,049.00
The kite has a range of features such as superior stability, easy power control, direct handling and instant relaunch, the ideal kite to help you progress your kitesurfing skills.

Be sure to check out all of our kitesurfing equipment today, a start your very own kitesurfing adventure with the help of S2AS.

The S2AS 2012 Snowboard Range
S2AS now have the fantastic 2012 Snowboards in! Be sure you check them out, you can view the entire range here, we have a wide variety of brands such as Forum, Santa Cruz and DC just to name a few!

Below is a few of our favourites!

The Forum Aura Snowboard 2012, looks great doesn't it? Available in a choice of sizes, 146cm and 149cm this board is perfect for all you ladies out there that want to take you're riding to a completely new level. With a camber that's lively and aggressive and a fantastic twin-like freestyle shape you are definitely in for a fun, fast ride. Get yours today here at S2AS for £225, saving you £40!


Another favourite is the Burton Whammy Bar 2012 Snowboard, available in both pink and yellow and blue and orange and blue for £335! This award winning board supports a V-Rocker bend and Twin shape and flex, a fantastic Hi-Speed Quad Package.

For £479.00 is the Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro 157cm 2012 Snowboard, this board excels in all conditions, from hardpack, park and pipe to powm rails and even ice! This board also features a twin chassis from contact to contact; however it has a moderately longer nose than tail.

Go online at www.s2as.com today and buy your 2012 board!

S2AS Fantastic Range of Indo Balance Boards
Back in the 1970's surfer Hunter Joslin designed the Indo board balance trainer for surf balance training when not in the water, and now it is the most versatile balance board on the market, despite what you use your Indo balance board for the end result is always thr same, increased core strength, leg strength and better balance coordination. Here at S2AS we have a great selection:

Check out the Indo Balance Board Trainer Package in the style of Bamboo Yin Yan, this package includes the board, roller and balance cushion. The cushion is used as an alternative to the roller and allows you to adjust the degree of instability depending on your preferred level of inflation. S2AS price only £119.00

The Indo Balance Board Trainer Package in the style of Bamboo Doodle is £119.00 at S2AS. With a 30" x 18" deck this board can hold a maximum of 250 pounds in weight; this training package provides you with a complete work out unit that takes up literally no space at all.

Incorporate fun in to training with the Indo Balance Board in Original Bamboo, this board is the easiest model to learn on and is simple, stable and wide ensuring it is user friendly. Here at S2AS we also include a free demo DVD with the purchase of any Indo Board Balance Trainer. S2AS price £99.95.

Purchase your Indo balance board from S2AS today, it is guaranteed to provide many hours of fitness fun, view our entire collection, here.

Get your Dakine Luggage today from S2AS
Throughout the snowboard, skiing, surfer and skater industries, Dakine Luggage is known to be the best thanks to the brands durability and modern designs. Here at S2AS we have a massive range of Dakine Luggage from backpacks to Tour bags and boot packs.

The Dakine 2012 Phantom Boot Pack is only £49.99, and allows you to protect your boots in ultimate style. The boot pack is fully padded and lined to protect all your equipment; it also features a goggle pocket and padded shoulder straps. This boot pack is a must have to make all your travelling easy and fun.

Check out the Heli Pro DLX Backpack new for the 2012 season, this backpack is perfect for carrying your snowboard or skis and comes in a bright green colour, the backpack also features:
  • Adjustable padded waist belt
  • Deploy able water bottle pocket
  • Avalanche tool pocket
  • Insulated hydration sleeve
This backpack is so much more, S2AS price only £79.99.

Save £5 today on the Dakine Girls Tour Bag, this tour bags the perfect way to carry your snowboard, boots and bindings and other snowboard accessories to the slopes. Was £54.99, now only £49.99 the tour bag offers fully padded protection for your board and has a full length zipper and accessory pocket.

View the entire Dakine range here now.

Nike 6.0 at Surface 2 Air Sports
The Nike 6.0 range is a new campaign launched recently and aimed at athletes that take part in extreme sports. Here at S2AS we have a spectacular selection of jackets and snow boots.

Girls, get your snowboarding boots on! These Nike 6.0 2012 Womens Vapen Snow Boots come in bold berry and feature exactly the same technology as the Nike trainers you wear every day. The berry snow boots ensure you stay fashion forward while also providing you with an internal harness, power strap, moulded tonge and so much more, conquer any mountain today, here at S2AS for only £150!

The Nike 6.0 Slainte Jacket 2012 is here at S2AS for £149.00, available in the choice of 4 sizes this jacket comes in the classic midnight blue colour. Made from 100% polyester the jacket also features 2-layer recycled twill fabric, fully taped seams and media pocket. Storm the slopes this winter with this jacket and its endless features, your sure not to be disappointed.

The S2AS Nike 6.0 range has plenty more to offer you this winter, view the entire collection here today.

Forum 2012 Range - Now available at S2AS
It was the summer of 1996 when Forum Snowboard's were introduced to the market. We have Four Star Distribution and pro snowboarder Peter Line to thank for this. The new 2012 Forum range has a line up like to other with a collection of fantastic boards, beanies, hoodies and so much more. View the entire range online here at S2AS.

New for 2012 is the Forum Spiff Hoody. This attractive hoody comes in an olive colour and is made from 100% cotton, slim fit, full zip and special engineered paneled asymmetrical stripes, you definitely need to purchase this hoody, S2AS price was £69.99 now only £34.99.

The Forum 2012 snowboards are fiercer than previous years; check out this limited-distribution board, 'The Rat Snowboard' is only available in exclusive speciality shops, so keep your eyes peeled! Not only does this board come with Pop Camber which allows you to ollie higher on rails and walls, it also has bad ass materials which will fend off all metal and concrete and prevent blacktop scaring. This is the perfect urban board for you, here at S2AS for £250.00.

Remember you can't board without your boots! Stand out on the slopes with these Forum Antenna 2012 Snowboard boots. Available in sizes 8,9,10 and 11 these boots are light and feature speed zone lacing, however they are also packed with comfort and will last you the whole season. Get your pair of boots today at S2AS for £134.00!

Special Blend Range now available at S2AS
The new range of Special Blend snow jackets and pants are now available at S2AS, we also stock past season wear at discounted prices. This season has a fantastic collection, see the whole range here.

The men's Special Blend Circa Snow Jacket South Beach is available for £178.00! The jacket has a variety of pockets for all needs, from chest and cargo pockets to interior music and goggle pockets. It also comes equip with Brushed Tricot Chin Guard, Yo-Yo Pass Holder and much more.

Save £43.01 on the Special Blend Siryn Jacket, was £133.00 now £89.99. Sure to keep you warm and toasty this season, the Special Blend Line Snowboarding jacket is an insulated jacket which has a fine balance between fashion and on-mountain function.

Here's one for the girls, Special Blend Demi Pant 2011 in deep purple. The pants feature Taffeta Lining, Inseam Venting and Brushed Tricot Fly and Waistband amongst other things. The Special Blend Demi Pants are here atS2AS for the unbelievable price of £87.00 was £129.00!


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